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Review of HEARTFELT by Steve Wickham

HEARTFELT, Hyde Bridge Gallery, Sligo

Lorna’s visual vocabulary and inner symbolism is fun to explore.  It works on several levels which is the mark, I believe, of good art.  First, there is the joyful colour pleasing harmonies. Look deeper and there is chaos and even anger and there are the tears.  There is something deeply visceral going on, tempered with playful geometrics and a gorgeous palette. The canvas is too small to contain the snapshot glimpses of Lorna’s universe.  The works are like a binding spell giving form to chaos and then containing it all the while in a strong yet playful way.

All good gardeners say that when you tend a garden, you should tend the shrubs, look after the flower beds, you should always leave some room for a wilderness..Let nature rule.  I think that Lorna does this in her practice, she allows nature to rule where possible.

I see the tears in Lorna’s work..And eyes that look out from the canvas demanding the viewers attention.  There are journeys going on here too. No straight roads..crooked roads..crooked boreens turning back on themselves.  The only straight lines are the edge of the canvases. The exhibition in its totality is beauty defined.

For me it’s all about beauty.  

Steve Wickham 2018