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I grew up in my head with my imaginary friends.  We played, drew, ran and did everything together.  My lovely Nanny first showed me "making".  She baked 4 loaves of soda bread every day for the men working on the farm.  The smells, the mess, I just loved it.  I often think this is why I love making and why the process of art and creativity fascinates me most.  Growing up, I knew I wanted to study art & design not knowing what discipline to focus on.  In fairness, that really only happened when I was 40!  I decided on BDes Textile Print at NCAD.  It was a sneaky choice as there was a ton of drawing on the course, so it kept the frustrated fine artist in me satisfied.  Somehow, I ended up starting a soap making business after college and ran that successfully for 6 years, selling in the US, Europe and Ireland.  See what happens when you pick up a random book from the library on soap making! Following on, I sold the business and renovated an old cottage that took 2 years in beautiful Sligo.  Painting took the back seat as I raised my twin daughters until one day I headed into a life drawing class one Friday.  I'm still going 5 years later.


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