Lorna Watkins


Lorna Watkins is an Irish artist living and working in Sligo, on the North West coast of Ireland.  She graduated in Printed Textile Design at the National College of Art in Dublin after studying at the Grennan Mill Craft School and Edinburgh College of Art.  

After working briefly in fashion design, Lorna established an award winning handmade soap company which she ran succesfully for 7 years selling across the US, UK and Ireland.  "I was brought up in a  family of entrepreneurs, my Dad had his own shop in Dublin city centre for 25 years and I was working with him from an early age."

Painting and drawing made their way back into her life as Lorna began to attend life drawing sessions at The Model, Sligo and has continued to do so for years now.  "It's like oxygen, if I miss a Friday I forget how to breathe"

Loose and experimental mark making have made their way from drawings into Lorna's paintings.  Imbued with painterly layers upon layers of bright vivacious colours and marks, her work is fresh and full of energy.  She was recently selected for the 188th Open Exhibition at the RHA, Dublin.